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adding a stand-alone test


Field Nation allows your company to create customized independent tests for your employees and technicians without any materials. These tests allow you to measure the progress of your employees and may help your management determine which independent contractor to hire. However, they do NOT include any other materials or documentation and materials can NEVER be added in the future.



Stand-alone tests cannot be converted later into more complete coursework.


1.                   Select from the Resource Management box.



2.                   Click.



3.                   Choose a test name and description.

4.                   Enter the number of questions on the test. For example,

5.                   Enter the passing grade. For example,

6.                   Select when you are ready to make the test generally available.


You can take several days and make multiple edits without the providers seeing the contents.


7.                   Select  to activate the time limit feature.

8.                   Set the time limit by clicking the down arrow next to the Time drop down menu. . If you did not choose to enforce a time limit, skip to step 9.

9.                   Select  if you want to allow testers to retake the test.

10.                Click if you want to place testers who pass the test into a group not already listed. If the group you want is already listed, skip to step 13.

11.                Enter a group name in the Group Name field. For example,

12.                Click  to add the new group to the list.

13.                Select the group category where you want to place people who pass the test.

14.                Select to limit the test to technicians in a particular My Technicians list.

15.                Select the groups allowed to take the test.

16.                Click to begin creating questions for the test.



17.    Type a question in the box where it says “What is this question?”

18.    Click  to create the first possible answer to the question.

19.    Type the answer in the “Answer is here” box.

20.    Repeat steps 18 and 19 for each possible answer to a question.

21.    Click the Correct box next to the correct answer.

22.    Repeat steps 16-21 for each question on the test.

23.    Click  to display the test as it is currently written.

24.    Click  to make the test part of the curriculum.