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adding a test to a Course


Field Nation allows your company to add additional tests to your courses. This can help to reduce the number of qualified applicants by requiring greater knowledge and skill.


1.             Select from the Resource management box.




3.             Choose a course where you want to add a test.

4.             Click.

5.             Click.



6.             Choose a test name and description.

7.             Enter a number in the Passing Grade field. This is the number of questions a candidate must answer correctly to pass.

8.             Enter a number in the Questions Per Test field. This is the number of required questions in the test, but there may be additional questions that are not required.

9.             Decide if you want to have a time limit on the test. If yes, select Enforce Time Limit. Otherwise, skip to step 10.

10.          Select a time limit from the drop-down menu.

11.          Select Allow Retake if you want the tester able to take the test more than once.

12.          Click  to start building the test.

13.                Type a question in the box where it says “What is this question?”

14.          Click

15.          Type an answer in the “Answer is here” box.

16.          Repeat steps 13 and 14 for each possible answer to the question


Make sure one of the possible answers is correct.

17.          Click the Correct box next to the correct answer.

18.          Repeat this process for each question on the test.

19.          If you want this question to appear each time someone takes the test, select. Otherwise, skip to step 19.

20.          If you are ready to make the test public, select. Otherwise, skip to step 20.

21.          Click  to save the test.