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approving completed work


Once a technician completes a work order satisfactorily, it must be approved so the technician can be paid.


1.             Select .



2.             Click  to show the completed work orders.



3.             Click the ID number under the Work Order ID (WO ID) column for the completed work order.


4.             Select the  tab.



5.             Review the information and then click  to approve the work order for payment.


If the work is not completed satisfactorily, click  to send it back to the technician.


6.             Click the Yes box in the Confirmation screen.



7.             Click.

8.             An optional survey appears allowing you to rate the technician.



9.             Select a button to rate your technician and click  to enter your rating.

You may also simply close the survey window if you do not wish to enter a rating


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