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Auto Dispatch is a way for a buyer to save time by automating work order assignment. For example, you might have a rule to select work requests only from technicians with specialized certification. This saves time because Field Nation automatically selects the best technician from those who request the position based on your criteria. 


setting rules

A selection rule defines required and optional criteria for identifying what techs can or should be assigned to a work order. For this example, presume you want a technician with Cisco certification.


1.             Select .



2.             Click  .

3.             Enter a name and description of the rule in the provided fields.



4.             Click .



5.             Select the qualifications you want in a technician.


Good auto-dispatch rules select only qualified technicians. In this case, you want someone with Cisco certification.



6.             Click .


7.             Repeat steps 4 through 6 for each additional qualification you want from your technician.


8.             Click .



Apply Auto Dispatch to Work Order

With the selection rule created, you can use it to auto dispatch work orders in created status.  Use the following procedure to auto dispatch work orders.


1.     Select

2.     Click




3.     Click the check box next to the Work Order IDs.


4.     Click .

5.     Select .
You may also configure an Auto Dispatch configuration per work order group.  If the group the work order is in has an Auto Dispatch configuration that will be used.  This allows you to configure once for an ongoing project.





6.     Click


9.             Click



10.          Close the confirmation window.




The order is published for the time shown in the Request Period field. At the end of that time, Auto Dispatch routes the position to the most qualified technician who requested the position.


If two or more technicians had equal professional qualifications, Auto Dispatch chooses the technician who is least busy. If there are still two or more technicians completely equal, Auto Dispatch selects the technician who lives nearest to the job site.


If no qualified technicians request the position, Auto Dispatch sends you an e-mail to let you know this.

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