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bundling work orders


What is Bundling?

Bundling work orders allows you to assign multiple work orders simultaneously to a single technician.


How does bundling work?

For example, suppose you have three assignments in a major metropolitan. Finding a technician for these jobs is easy due to the large population. Now suppose you also have an assignment 50 miles away in a much smaller town. Finding a technician for this position is much more difficult. Bundling allows you to make a deal with the technician. You offer him or her all three assignments in the major metropolitan area, but in return, he or she ALSO takes the job in the small town.

What are the advantages?

·         Potential volume work discount with technician

·         Fewer people to manage

·         Reduced or eliminated costs for travel and hotel

·         Reduced time spent teaching technician YOUR company policies, especially when coupled with the “My Technician” feature

·         Positive relationship built with one technician


How do I do it?


1.         Click  to display the Work Order Management screen.


2.         Select the check boxes next to the work orders you want to bundle. For example,.


3.         Click  to complete the bundling process.




4.         Click the any of the check boxes next to the bundled work orders. For example,




5.         Click  to publish the work orders for bid.

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