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change notification settings


The tool drop down menu contains personal and payment information. One of these fields MUST be completed before you can work through Field Nation.


1.             Click your name on the menu bar.  to access your profile page.



2.             Click the tool icon  to access the drop down menu.





3.              to access the Notification Settings menu.

Each section offers the following notification options:

·                     Send Text Message Immediately
Sends text messages to your phone as soon as an event occurs.


·                     Never Send Text Message
Notifications are not done by text message.


·                     E-Mail Immediately
Notifies you by e-mail as soon as an event occurs.


·                     E-Mail Every Morning
Notifies you by e-mail each morning if an event occurred within the last 24 hours.


·                     E-Mail Every Monday Morning
Notifies you by e-mail on Monday mornings for events that occurred in the previous week.


·                     E-Mail Every Hour
Notifies you by e-mail every hour if there was an event during the previous hour.


·                     Never E-Mail
Notifications are not done by e-mail.


4.             Set your notification options.

5.             Click  to save your settings.