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Connections allow you to speak with customers and other technicians using Field Nation’s social network as the platform. Like most forms of social media, this is about networking and sharing information. Unlike any other social network, Field Nation requires anybody using the platform to be registered with Field Nation. Also unlike any other social network, the Field Nation social network allows you to earn a wage while using it. This limits connections to technicians and customers.


Requesting to connect


1.             Select   to access the My Connections page.



2.             Enter the name of a technician you want to invite to connect.

3.             Click  to display providers who match the name you entered.


4.             Click on the person’s name to display their full profile.


5.             Click  to access the confirmation box.

6.             Check the Send a personal message box if you want to send a personal message.

7.             Click  to send the connection request.

The system send a notification to tell the requested person they were requested.


The “Connect” button changes to a “Requested” button while waiting for confirmation. The “Requested” button has no active function.


Accepting a connection request

Odd that it might seem, there will be people who want to connect with you. When that happens, you have may want to accept the request. By accepting the request, you are connected to that person and may exchange messages using Field Nation as a platform.


1.             A technician or customer on Field Nation sends you a request to connect with you.

2.             A message appears on your home page telling you there is a connection request.


3.             Select the link to the name to display that person’s profile.

A person’s profile lets you know their qualifications and personality.


4.             Click  to access the My Connections page.


5.             Click  to connect to accept the connection request.

You are now connected to the requester.


Click  if you do not want to connect to the requester.