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Routing a Work Order

Routing a work order sends it directly to a specific technician. The routing function may be limited by using Auto Dispatch or by setting specific time or financial limits in the work order. Since there is no confirmation required after a ticket is assigned, the contract can begin immediately upon acceptance.


1.                   Select  on the lower left side of the screen.


2.                   Select the  link.


3.                   Fill out the work order form completely.


4.                   Click  to create the work order.



5.                   Select  to return to the main Work Order Management screen.



6.                   Select either the Work Order number located under the WO ID tab or the Delete link on the far right of the Work Order list.


7.                   Select  to display the technician information screen.

8.                   Choose the kind of technician you want based on distance, certifications, experience, and other qualifications.


9.                   Select one or more technicians to route your work order to. Otherwise, skip to step 10b.

10a.      Click  to select one or more specific technicians from the list.


10b.   Click  to offer the job to every technician on the list. A work order confirmation box displays.


11.                Click  to remove the alert.



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