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Creating Custom technician Fields

Users can create custom labels for the technician. This is so companies can apply their own tracking systems to Field Nation technicians.  These labels are only seen by the specific company adding the labels.  Other companies cannot see the labels.



1.                   Select  from the Company Administration Box to display the Company Settings screen.



2.                   Click  to display the Custom Label Management screen.




3.                   Type a label name into the Custom Label field.

4.                   Click  to make sure the label is visible to any technician bidding on the job.

5.                   Click  to create the custom label.[d1] 

6.                   Select a technician.

7.                   Click “View Tech’s Profile” on the profile box.



8.                   For Company Fields, select Edit.



9.                   Select



10.                Click


11.                You can now enter any tracking number or any other relevant information into the technician profile.






 [d1]I’m a fan of the after effects type screen shot.  Show a tech profile that has the custom label attached to them to see what the end result is.