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Selecting a provider from the Field Nation platform requires a company have a way to establish payment for that provider. Field Nation helps you to do this by creating a special account for your company to hold the funds necessary to pay for these services.


The company Fund Manager is like a checking account. It allows a user to create, route, and publish work orders up to the amount of money in the fund. When a Work Order gets published or routed by a company, Field Nation places the money in escrow until the job ends. After the job is approved by the customer, Field Nation uses the money from the escrow account to pay the technician.


1.       Select from the Company Administration Box. The Fund Manager screen displays.



2.       Click located near the top of the Fund Manager screen. The system requests a method of deposit.


3.       Select Credit Card.

4.       Click  to display the Fund Management/Deposit Funds screen.

5.       Fill in the required fields as shown below.



Any information entered in the “Note” field appears both on the transaction list and in the e-mail alert sent to confirm the deposit.



You can choose to have Field Nation remember your address information. For security reasons, credit card numbers are not saved and must be retyped with each deposit.


6.       Click .

7.       Click the Continue button on the new screen to complete the deposit. The funds are now in your account.