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Deposit Funds by Invoice

The company Fund Manager is like a checking account. It allows a user to create, route, and publish work orders up to amount of money in the fund. Money may be deposited either by credit card or by invoice. Funds deposited by Credit Card become available immediately after the card is accepted. Funds deposited by invoice become available after the Field Nation staff receives the funds and sets them to “received status.” Use the following procedure to deposit funds into your Company Fund Manager by invoice.



1.             Select  from the Company Administration Box. The Fund Manager screen displays.




2.             Click  located near the top of the Fund Manager screen. The system requests a method of deposit.



3.             Select Invoice for Deposit.



4.             Enter the amount of money to deposit.

5.             Click to deposit the funds. The Field Nation screen shows you your invoice.


6.             Click  to print the invoice.


7.             Click  to return to the Fund Management screen.