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Heads Up Display For Customers

Inspire features a new Heads Up display for our customers. It is designed to be more user-friendly and highlights the new features available From Field Nation. Many links have been converted to buttons, make them easier to see and select.

home page

The home page now displays the most recent activity on your account. This may be related to work orders, connections, or groups. It also displays any open tasks you need to complete and any unresolved group invites or connection requests.



Messages Page

The Messages page displays direct messaging information for your account. Messages you have not yet read have a green read button.  You send messages by clicking the green send message button.




The Connections page shows your current connections. It also allows you to search the Field Nation platform for possible professional connections. You can send and receive messages between you and people on your connection list. Finally, you can view current activities from their profile.





Groups are part of the new networking capabilities on the Field Nation platform. As a group moderator or member, you can discuss topics of interest to you with others who share the same or similar interests. The Group page shows the groups you moderate or belong to. You also have the ability to create and search for groups that fit your interests.





Work Order management


The Work Order Management page has the same options as before, but the changes to the top of the interface are significant. For Inspire, the Create Work Order, Upload Work Orders, Mass Update, and Groups & Templates functions are now buttons. This makes them significantly easier to see and use.