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Work Order Activity Report

Work Order Activity Report

Our Work Order Activity Report tool allows you to quickly and easily build powerful reports to analyse the work orders you’ve created on Field Nation.

Go to Activity Report

You can access the Work Order Activity Report by going to the Report Manager section of the My Company menu. From the Report Manager, you’ll then be able to choose Work Order Activity.

Configure Your Filters

The first page you’ll see is the filter configuration. This narrows down the set of work orders you’re interested in reporting on. You can leave everything at it’s default state to get started, but you must select at least one current status option. Select all to match all work orders regardless of their status.

Date Filters

While not required, most reports will want to have date filters configured. You can specify no filtering, or you can filter on multiple date fields. A very common report is to apply a filter on the date of service.

Date filters can either be specific date ranges, or can be relative times such as “last week”. Relative times are very useful for when you save your report for future reuse, or even configure it to run automatically. We’ll explain how this can be done further down in this guide.

When done configuring your desired filters, click the Configure Fields button to configure the fields you’d like contained in your report.

Configuring Fields

After configuring filters, you’ll be presented with a screen containing a large listing of available fields available to be included in your report. These are grouped by the type of data the field is related to. There are a lot of fields available, and they’re safe to explore.

Once you’ve selected all the fields you’re interested in, press Generate Report on the bottom of the form.

Viewing Result and Tweaking Configuration

You should then see a listing of some of the results. For large result sets, you’ll be shown just a page of the results with the ability to proceed to the next page. If the results look like what you want, you can click the Download Report as CSV button to download as a file that can be opened in most spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Tweaking Configuration

If you’re not seeing quite what you hoped, don’t worry, it’s easy to change. Go up to the top of the page where the “bread crumb” is displayed.

The report-related page links in the bread crumb are smart, they’ll carry along the configuration you’ve entered so far so you don’t lose your current settings. To get to the first page where you configured the filters, click “Activity Report”. To get to the field select page click “Field Configuration”. Once you’ve made the changes on the page, just click the normal buttons like you did earlier to get back to the result display.

Save Your Report / Schedule Automatic Runs

When viewing the results, you’ll notice an area in the top right where you can save the report with a name. Once saved, the report will appear in a list on the first page of the report tool, below the filter options.

Once a name is entered to save the report, you’ll also see the option to schedule the report to run automatically. If you check this box you’ll be prompted to configure the desired schedule.

You can schedule to repeat at the following intervals:

  • Daily - will run every day at the time you specify
  • Weekly - Will run once a week on the day of the week and time you specify
  • Monthly - Will run once a month on the day of the month you specify. Note: as not all months have a 30th or 31st, those are not selectable options.

A link to the generated report will then be emailed to the user you select. You can also choose to specify a custom email address in case you want to send to a group email address or somebody who is not a user on Field Nation.

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