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Work Order Substatuses

Work Order Substatus

We have created a system for tracking exactly what step a work order is on. For example, rather than just saying a work order is assigned, we can track if it is awaiting assignment confirmation, checked in, checked out, etc. This provides increased visibility into what is happening on a work order and will make it easier to manage work orders.

Seeing Substatuses on Work Orders

When Listing a Work Order

You will see substatuses as labels when listing work orders.

By clicking on substatuses in the categories list at the top, you will only show work orders in a particular substatus.

When Viewing a Work Order

You will see a bar at the top of work orders that summarizes the substatus and provides details on what to do next on the work order. Substatuses are shown under Latest Activity.

List of Work Order Substatuses






Work order has been created.



Work order *was* published/routed/assigned, then changed back to created. So, its in created now, but has not always been.

Awaiting Response

published, routed

Work order is published and has no unreviewed requests/counter offers.



Work order is published and has at least one unreviewed request

Counter Offer

published, routed

Work order is published and has an unreviewed counter offer and no unreviewed requests. Alternatively, work order is routed and has an unreviewed counter offer.

Auto Dispatched


Work order is being auto dispatched and is waiting for requests.



Work order was routed and all those it was routed to have declined the work order.



Work order is assigned, but provider has not yet confirmed assignment.



Work order is assigned and provider has confirmed assignment. Provider cannot yet mark ready to go.

Ready to Go


Work order is assigned and provider has marked ready to go.

Checked In


Provider has checked in

Checked Out


Provider has checked out

Pending Review

work done

Work order is in work done, but has not been looked at yet by a buyer.

Under Review

work done

Work order is in work done and has been looked at by the buyer. (set when a buyer views the approval & payment tab of the work done work order).

Pending Payment


Work order is in approved status. Right now, we only have one substatus, but we plan to expand on this in the future to better track the approval process.



When Work Order Paid, substatus cleared out.

Using Substatuses with the API

Substatuses are treated as labels in the API.

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