Elevate Your Profile Status: Earn the New Protec WorkSafe WorkSmart Badge with Protec Administrative Services
Work Description

The demand is growing for highly qualified contractors with certified safety and business practice experience and a history of extraordinary performance.

Field Nation has partnered with Protec Administrative Services to provide this certification and new badging for your profile.
Protec Administrative Services is looking to fulfill this need by offering the Protec WorkSafe WorkSmart Program that will identify elite providers in the Field Nation marketplace. Technicians who complete the Protec WorkSafe WorkSmart Program will:

  • Have a Protec Badge visible on their Field Nation profile
  • Be eligible for exclusive jobs on the Field Nation platform
  • Benefit from an enhanced profile and increased work opportunities
  • Stand out in the marketplace as an elite provider
  • Be eligible for increased promotional visibility via marketing communications
The Protec Badge can only be earned by completing and abiding by the Protec Administrative Services WorkSafe WorkSmart Policy & Procedures program guide. All it takes to get Protec certified is 60-90 minutes of your time!

Protec Badging Program Requirements:
  • Provider ranking on Field Nation must be 5-Stars or greater
  • Valid background check on Field Nation within the last 5 years
  • Read and understand the WorkSafe WorkSmart Policy and Procedure Guide (appx. 30 – 40 minutes)
  • Pass the online, WorkSafe WorkSmart Policy and Procedure Guide quiz (appx. 30 minutes)
  • Read and agree to the Protec Administrative Services Provider Agreement
IMPORTANT: Protec providers will be identified as elite technicians on the Field Nation platform and will receive increased attention and privileged opportunities from buyers. As such, Protec providers will be subject to performance rating reviews and will have their Protec badging suspended if they fall below these standards. Protec badging can be reinstated once all standards are reestablished. 
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Protec Selects will be eligible to request exclusive jobs.
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