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adding a Course


Field Nation allows your company to add courses to your educational or screening process. You can create a single test with materials or make it part of a series where the technician must pass each test to pass the course.


1.             Select from the Resource management box.



Click .


2.             Type a course name in the Name field.

3.             Type a course summary in the Summary field.

4.             Type any course objectives in the Objectives field.

5.             Click a check box to add individuals who pass the course to a specific group.

6.             Select  when you are ready to publish the test. This makes the course available to individuals until a preset date or indefinitely.

You can change course content, add content, or subtract content. The public does not see the materials until you select publish.


7.             Choose an expiration date for the test using the calendar next to the Expire Time field if you want to have an ending time and date for the course.

8.             Click  if you want to restrict the course to a “My Technicians” list.

9.             **Select the group or groups allowed to take the course.

10.          Click .


The course is available.


Once you have a course title ready, it is time to create the actual course. For this you need instructional materials and course tests.


11.          Add course materials as described in “Adding Materials to a Course.”

12.          Add tests for the course as described in “Adding a Test to a Course.”

13.          Add stand-alone tests if necessary as described in “Adding a Stand-Alone Test.”

14.          Repeat this procedure for every course you want to create.

15.          If you want to make this course part of an ordered series, you can use the procedure found in “Adding Prerequisites.” Set up an order if necessary as describe in “Adding Prerequisites.”