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Create and Publish a Work Order

Work Orders detail the job, location, and pay rate.  Work Orders are then published to make them available to technicians in the area who can then request assignment to them.



1.             Select from the left-side menu.

2.             Select  to display the Company Information screen.



3.             Choose the Service Category from the drop-down menu that best matches the type of work needed. 


4.             Enter a title for the job.


5.             Enter a Service Description for the job.




Make sure to include enough information for the technician to have a good idea about the job requirements. However, place any confidential information in the “Specific Instructions” field so only the assigned technician can see it.

6.             Type any specific instructions into the provided box.  These are only seen by the technician who becomes assigned.



7.             Select Use Location Manager if the service is for a location you will likely reuse.





8.             Select Specify One-Time Location if you do not wish to ever reuse the location and do not want it stored in your Location Manager.


9.             Fill in the required location fields.

10.          Fill in the Service Schedule fields.



The time zone should automatically set based on the location entered for the job.


Selecting a “Between” schedule forces the technician to confirm the arrival date after being assigned.


11.          Fill in the required fields for the desired payment plan.


Field Nation always places the maximum possible amount for the job in escrow when a work order is routed or published. If the job ends up paying less than the maximum amount, Field Nation releases the difference back to the customer as soon as the work is approved.





12.          Attach any documents needed for the tech to perform the job.



13.          Fill in any additional fields for your company in the Custom Fields box.  If you have an internal id for the job, this is a great place for it.



14.          Fill in any optional fields if desired.



15.          Click  to create and publish your work order.


You may also choose to just create the work order if you need to update details and publish later.  Publishing makes the work order available to the techs in the area and alerts them of its availability