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Frequently Asked Questions
Registration and Account Maintenance

How do I change my password as a Provider?

How do I change my password as a Customer?

Where I live I'm not required to have the type of insurance you are asking me to enter in my profile

Work Orders

How do I view available work?

How do I know if a work order has been assigned to me?

What should I do if I cannot make it to the site to do the work?

Why isn't this work order approved yet?

Why am I not getting any work I request?

I received an e-mail alert for a work order. Where is it?

Why does Field Nation take 10% for travel and supplies?

If I apply for a work order in a bundle, am I applying for all of the work orders in the bundle?

Why can't I see my work orders?

Payment Services

What is the Payment Process?

What are the available payment methods for U.S. Providers?

What is a Field Nation service fee?

How much is Field Nation service fee?

What should I do if I haven't received my payment?

What are forms W9 and 1099 and why do we need them?

Ratings and feedback overview.

What are the available payment methods for non-U.S. Providers?

What currency are payment amounts in?

What are forms W8-BEN, W9 and 1099 and why do we need them?

How does Currency Exchange work?

How do I obtain my Field Solutions (not Field Nation) 1099?

Overview of Our Service

How does the Field Nation service work?

How much does our service cost?

How do we protect your privacy?

How do I pay a provider?

Who does the 1099 for the Providers? Is there any charge for this?

What is Field Nation`s refund policy?

What is a Managed Provider?

What is a Marketplace Provider?

How do I get work?

Can I be a buyer and a provider?

Can I be a buyer and a provider?

Why do I see information on Drug Tests and Background Checks?

How do I sign up my service company?

How many providers are in my area?

How do I know a provider is good?

Is Field Nation system HIPAA Complaint?

Paying For The Services

What is fund "holding" and what is the difference between total, held, and available funds?

How do I withdraw my available balance?

What is Field Nation`s site/work-order cancellation policy?

How is pay calculated

Europe Specific

Is payment the same in Europe as it is in North America?

I work in Europe. How will I be paid?

Is direct deposit required if I work in Europe?

What is the Currency Exchange Process for Europe?

Who provides European currency exchange services for Field Nation?

How can I be assured I will be paid?

How long does payment take?